Instrument flying skills getting rusty or your rating has expired? Why there is no other way to do it - but ours!

Every two years, the holder of an Instrument Rating is required to renew their rating by completing a Flight Test under the supervision of a Pilot Examiner, appointed by Transport Canada. Provided you have or have had an Instrument Rating you may complete all the preparatory training in our simulator/FTD, and as well as undertake the Flight Test. If your Instrument Rating has expired for more than 24 months, you are required to have rewritten your INRAT before you can take a Renewal Flight Test. CAR 421.49(4)

Drop by our facility for a free 20 minute fam ride and find out why you should take your training and check ride in our simulator?

There are a variety of reasons:

Perhaps the most important advantage of the AL200 MCC is that you can emulate an almost limitless range of flight regimes and conditions, including engine-out operations, aircraft system malfunctions and low weather minima –  exercises which may be dangerous in actual flight. All can be realistically simulated in the FTD.

The applicant decides the amount of time required as determined during the initial one hour pre training briefing. At that time we arrange for the Pilot Examiner for your Flight Test. We recommend 1 1/2 hour sessions as the training is intense and can be tiring – consequently a break between sessions is helpful.  We usually leave a half day ‘buffer’ in case you are not completely confident of your ability to pass your check ride thereby allowing extra training or practice if required.  You must be in possession of a valid medical certificate to undertake the Flight Test.

NOTE: We include Garmin 430 training at no extra cost, but whilst it is worth noting that Transport Canada recommends that a non precision RNAV approach is included in the check, we suggest that unfamiliar prospective students fully acquaint themselves by downloading and studying the Garmin 430 simulator website before commencing training. Lack of familiarity with the interaction of the auto pilot, flight director and the GNS is distracting. Consequently failure to adequately familiarize yourself may extend the time required for training.

We provide the necessary current charts, and approach plate. In addition we supply IRR Review manuals, and appropriate POH manuals for the type selected.


FROM $599

For the student that is current - but needs a renewal

In by 0900 - out by 1700

Includes 3 1/2 simulator time - and check ride

Does not include instructor or Pilot Examiner's fees


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Please note. It is difficult to estimate a cost since it very much depends on the currency of the candidate

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