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Currency and Recency Training.

Why do your currency training with us – simple - in the hours that you train with us our simulator can help you get the maximum amount of training thereby providing the applicant with the maximum amount of training. During the 6 hours of training it is possible to achieve up to 20 approaches. In the ALSIM200 one can practice any approach in North America and Western Europe - you will not run out of variety.

The costs of the simulator in relation to an aircraft whether piston or turbine is no more than a third of an aircraft. In addition the aircraft’s efficiency in providing the wide range and amount of training cannot be duplicated by an aircraft. This discrepancy in efficiency is further emphasized by the range of the simulator’s available options as to airports, weather regimes, approaches, night or day environments which offer differing challenges.  The AL200 MCC with its on board equipment, and the ability to be able to offer a highly realistic and wide range of in flight emergencies helps in providing a level of training significantly greater than achievable in an aircraft.

In order to further reduce the costs at a minimum by eliminating the need for an instructor, we have a number of presets that we can set up which will allow the customer to fly a variety of approaches day or night or even carry out cross country navigation exercises with different weather along the route. In the event the exercises were required to be accomplished at a familiar airfield, this request can also be satisfied. For those that graduate from our IRR programmes, we provide an unbeatable deal for your 'sixes' training.



To assist those who train with us maintain their edge, we offer an unbeatable deal on ‘sixes’ recency training – the requirement for six hours, and six approaches  - every six months - for the unbeatable price of $666. This 'deal' is available for a period of 12 months after having successfully completed an Air Academy instrument renewal course.






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