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All of our staff are experienced pilots within the aviation industry whom each carry their own set of experiences and knowledge to the table.


Henry Emson



Gladys Bowditch


A teacher of many talents, Gladys is our most experienced instructor.  Her background includes teaching flying lessons for a number of years, and being a Transport Canada authorized flight test examiner.

Chris Browne


Having been flying commercial and executive charters up in Yellowknife, Chris has lots of operational experience in "the bush".  Currently a captain flying business jets, Chris brings his experience from the executive world to us.

Neil Murtsell


Neil captains a corporate Lear 35 on trips all over North America. He has substantial experience starting from bush flying in the Yukon and NWT. Prior to his present position he was a line captain on the Beech 1900D.

Matt Engelmann


Matt came to the west from Ontario after flying charter and Medevac services with over 3000 hours, much of which is PC 12 time. Previously he was an instructor for single and multi engine IFR at Wellington Flight Centre Waterloo. He is eminently qualified to train candidates on instrument renewals.


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