Located next to the Calgary International Airport, The Air Academy provides a learning facility for both newcomers to aviation and experienced pilots from within the industry.

The following facilities are available at The Air Academy premises, Unit #1, 2139 Pegasus Way NE, Calgary:


- Simulator aircraft manuals
- Air-conditioning
- Bathrooms

- Training room with study area desks
- Overhead projector & screen


Note: Food and beverages are not permitted in the simulator.


Access to the training room, which will accommodate up to 16 trainees, and use of the equipment are free of charge to persons or organizations utilizing the FTD, but should be reserved at the same time as making simulator bookings.  All manuals, aircraft performance details and other related material are available on CDs for use in conjunction with the overhead projectors.  Sample audio visual exercises such as systems and procedures will be available for those students who are not accompanied by an instructor but are approved to utilize the simulator.


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